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54 year old, married, 1 boy.

Erik LEROUGE started sailing in 1960.
He successfully raced his designs in events such as Speed Weeks, Bol d'Or, Trophee des Multicoques, F28 European Championship, MULTI 2000 Challenge, Transat des Alizes, Transat des Passionnes, RORC Championships, JOG Championships or Sydney Harbour 18 footers Worlds.
He enjoys very much cruising single-handed as well as crewed, offshore or coastal.
He test sailed or delivered his latest designs in most part of the world.

His son Aubert  shares the same love for see. He is a  keen Optimist racer when he does not sails with his father. 

Erik LEROUGE has often partly or completely built his own boats. He feels that the experience gained is essential to advise homebuilders as well as to know the problems faced by professional builders.
Planning to built his eleventh sailing yacht!

Vice-president of the Institut Francais des Architectes Navals.
Member of the Association des Multicoques Habitables directing committee, in charge of the International MULTI 2000 rule.
Rear-commodore of Nautisme-Fontenay-Mervent.
Seats at ISO meetings on sailing yachts stability and scantlings.

Soaring is his main hobby. Currently building a motorglider.


Since 1976, Erik LEROUGE, IFAN naval architect,  has designed over 300 different sailing yachts built all over the world.
His cruising designs have crossed many oceans with family crews while his racing designs gained trophies in Multihull Grand Prix, Lake racing or Short handed racing.

Erik LEROUGE has an impressive technical background and his design concepts has been validated by tank testing.

All new drawings and all updates of stock plans are done in CAD using Maxsurf for hulls, TopSolid for 3D modelling and Autocad for 2D building plans. They are metric, in English or French. Drawings are printed on an A0 jet plotter.
Perspective drawings or brochures are printed on an A2 colour jet plotter or stored on a CD-ROM.

Contracts and of drawings are based on the IFAN Naval Architect practice.


Main racing successes as skipper or crew on his designs
-Takes part in SYDNEY HARBOUR 18 FOOT SKIFF 1978 Open World and French championships.
-Wins many club races, 1985 Shamrock cup and 1986 Otis cup with RED MAGNUM, 36' ULDB.
-Wins 1984, 1985,1986 et 1987 Brest Speed weeks (Open French speed record), 6th at 1986 Bol d’or (on 550 boats), 12th at 1987 Bol d’or (1st French) with HARO, 38' racing catamaran.
-Wins 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1990 Trophee des Multicoques, 1986 UNM cup and SAM , 1986 and 1987 Challenge Multicoques Mag with INOUI, 40' catamaran cruiser-racer.
-Wins 1985 Double Cup with VILLE AUDRAIN, 43' production catamaran.
-Wins 1986 GP de Benodet, 1988 and 1991 Trophee des Multicoques, 1988 SAM, 1988 Challenge Multicoques Mag and 1998 Le Tour Dauvergne with various AZULI, 38' production catamarans.
-Wins 1987 Grande M, 1987 Challenge Multicoques Magazine and 2nd 1987 MICRO European championship with CATMAN MICRO, 26' production catamaran.
-5th of 1987 Transat des Alizes first leg with PAMPERO, 43' production ULDB.
-Wins 1989 GP de Cornouailles with NATHANAEL, 31' production catamaran.
-3 best days at 1990 Brest Speed week, wins 1990 GP de Torquay and 7th of 1990 F28 European Championship with BARON NOIR, 28' racing catamaran. 
-Wins the coastal race, first leg and 3rd of second leg in 1991 Transat des Passionnes 1991, wins Tour de l'Ile de Re 2000 and 2002 with various FREYDIS, 46' production catamaran.
-4th of 1996 MICRO European championship with KUPPERSBUCH, 26' racing trimaran.
-Elapsed time winner of 1997 Multiforbans with SPIRIT, 35' catamaran.
-Elapsed time winner of 1998 Trophee Le Monde du Catamaran with MAVIE, 55' production catamaran.

Some other victories of Erik LEROUGE's sailing designs
1986, 1994 and 1995 Multitonic, 1996 Multithaunic, Challenge Menu, Cowes-Dinard, Coupe de Normandie, 24H de St-Cast, 24H de Cherbourg, Geneve-Rolle-Geneve, Route du Rhone, General Guisan, 1989, Semaine de La Rochelle,  1989, 1994 et 1995, 1997 and 2001 Tour de l’Ile de Re, Semaine d’Horta, 1993, 1994 and 1995 Trophee des Multicoques, 1994, 1998 and 2001 Barqueira,  1993 Transmed des Passionnes, 1993 and 1994 Challenge Multicoques Mag, 1995 and 1996 Challenge AMH, 1996 EUROPE 1 STAR , 1996 MICRO European championship, 1996 MULTI 2000 Open Europeans, 1997 Multiforbans, 1997 MICRO British Nationals, Pop Yachting, Challenge Inter-Entreprises, 1998 Grand prix de St-Georges de Didonne, 1998 Multiforbans, 1999 Dresdner C.I. Challenge, 1999 Casino's cup, 1999 Vire les Isles, 2000 Pierre Sangan, 2002 Gascogne-Asturias, 2003 Saguenay-St Pierre, 2003 Route des Hortensias, 2003 Teleregatta, 2003 Tulokset, 2004, 2005 and 2007 MultiMalo, 2004 24-Uurs Zeilrace, 2004 Round the Island, 2004 and 2005 Emasalon lenkki, 2004 and 2006 Henry Lloyd, 2005, 2006 and 2007 Multi d'Automne, 2005 Tour de Cordouan, 40' Trophee SNSM, 2005 IMM, 2006 Alant Runt, 2006 MMM Kilpailut, 2006 Cowes-Dinard, , 2007 Monirunhko ratakisa, etc…

Some good performances of Erik LEROUGE's sailing designs in International racing
1984, 1988 and 1992 OSTAR, 1985 RBR, Multicup, EDHEC, Nioulargue, GP de La Rochelle, Route des 3 caps, 1988, 1991 and 1995 IMM, 1989 to 2005 Bol d'or, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1997 MICRO Europeans, F28 World championship, 1993 Transat des Passionnes, 1994 and 1999 Transmed des Passionnes, 2004 The Transat, 2005 Transat Jacques Vabre, etc...

Many voyages are done by Erik LEROUGE's sailing yachts, some even completed their third time around or been around Cape Horn!